G y m B r u h s
3,333 decentralized health nuts.

Yeti Gym Bruhs

What happens when you put a bunch of elite athletes, coaches, runners, nutritionists and gym rats all together? You get the Yeti Gym Bruhs!

Yeti Gym Bruhs is a supportive community of people of all ages and backgrounds formed with the intent of fostering an environment where people can achieve their health goals. Together, we will keep you motivated, push you to work out harder, and encourage you to stay committed to your fitness goals.

Rich in Traits

Three levels of rarity traits


Legendary traits and the rarest and hold the most value in the entire collection.

Super rare

Super rare traits are not to be easily found and only the lucky ones will get one.

Still Bruh

Still bruh is the most common Yeti in the collection... but still our bruh!


Yeti Gym Bruh


Different Traits
and rarities

Community Perks & Benefits


Health and Fitness professionals

A lot to offer everyone joining our gym bruh family

Perks & Benefits

Training & Workouts

World-class training and workout courses and regimens from our experts in the community.

Nutrition & Diet

Free nutrition advice and diet consulting with professionals in the industry.

Coaches & Professionals

Professional coaches from different disciplines to help everyone achieve their goals.

Community events

Meetups, gatherings, yearly events, live streaming events, Twitter spaces, AMAs, hangouts in various cities.

Healthy Discounts

We'll be working to secure discounts for different gym and supplements to our members.

Ambassadors & Influencers

Elite community needs elite influencers whose values and healthy lifestyle align with ours.

The path to success for our Gym Bruhs



Minting officially starts on 26th of February and 3,333 Yetis will hit the road with a goal in mind to connect health and fitness with the world of blockchian.

Warm Up

During the warm up phase we'll be buying back $YETIC and working on establishing our community with all of our partners and ambassadors.


Providing training and nutrition programs based on personal goals written by professionals in crossfit, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and so on.

Nurture & Grow

Regular live Q&A with team and coaches, discounts, community hangouts in multiple cities, sponsoring fitness events across the globe.


Our end goal is to open up the first and the biggest gym in the Sandbox metaverse and establish ourselves as the strongest health and fitness brand!